We are ready to deliver our products to anywhere in Russia, as well as to all foreign countries


Our warehouses are in close proximity to the seaport of St. Petersburg. It allows us to deliver always fresh and quality products all over the world. In addition to sea freight, we also ship products by road from the warehouse in St. Petersburg.
Pine nuts, being a unique national natural resource, refer to goods that are restricted to be exported from the territory of the Russian Federation and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Community. For the possibility of export deliveries, a special license is required from the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, which can be obtained only by confirming the place of origin and the lawfulness of harvesting.
Our raw materials are harvested on our own in lawfully leased forest plots, and we purchase them only from those partners, in the reliability of which we are sure, and who are able to confirm the origin and legality of the harvested crop. Thus, we have all the necessary documents for quick export deliveries.