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Natural purity of our products is guaranteed by the fact that pine nuts can only grow in wild conditions: in the clean forests of the Siberian taiga, on the picturesque sides of Altai and Shoria mountains, in the vicinity of the transparent waters of Lake Baikal. Nobody has ever grown a pine nut artificially, because only Siberian nature can provide so much benefit, strength and energy, concentrating all this in every cedar seed.
For you to be sure of the organic nature of our products, we have implemented organic production standards of such authoritative quality systems as USDA NOP organic regulations, 7 CFR Part 205 and European Union Regulations (EU) No. 834/2007, No. 889/2008, and No. 1235 / 2008.
No 834/2007, No 889/2008, No 1235/2008
This is the uniform mark of the European Union applied to the packaging of organic food products grown without any chemical fertilizers. Thanks to deep integration of the market, even non-EU countries agree of their rules for the production of food products with the food legislation of European organic certification.
All “Organic” products are marked with a single European logo “organic” in the form of a leaf. A new uniform standardized EU code should be placed next to the new marking for organic products.
Our organic EU certificate

Accreditation of our certifying unit
This is the National Organic Standard, which was issued by the US Department of Agriculture after adoption of the program for the transition of citizens to the consumption of organic products. The certification is made by the US Department of Agriculture, as well as the authorized agents. The certificate is widely distributed in the US, Canada and other countries of the American continent.
Our certificate USDA NOP organic regulations
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Accreditation of our certifying unit